Bitcoin betting sites

The best Bitcoin betting sites qualities

When Bitcoin appeared, almost everybody was skeptical about it. Virtual currency seemed to be something vague, useful only for games, which teenagers like so much. However, soon, BTC started its race: its speed was increasing and reached a peak in 2017 when the hype around this cryptocurrency was so great that all wanted to buy BTC. Therefore, the crypto price jumped to 20 thousand dollars for 1 BTC.

The best Bitcoin betting sites, where gamblers used this cryptocurrency, started to bring huge profits to the players and to the resources’ owners.

Even later, in 2018, when some people used to predict the soon coming death of this crypto, the best online betting sites with Bitcoin did not stop their work. Despite the greatest fall of BTC, which was called a bloodbath, they invited players to gamble, and those, who did not give up with cryptos even managed to make money during these hard times.

Later, when it became evident that through BTC volatility, cryptocurrency prices will fluctuate all the time, experienced gamblers and crypto traders that also played online for crypto, found out that they can earn, even when the market is down. Crypto casinos offered them various opportunities to do it. Bonuses and promotions providing Satoshi that could be held for long became very popular.

The best Bitcoin betting sites qualities

The best Bitcoin betting sites differ from online casinos that have become “classic” gambling resources with various features.

  1. No payments control. This important feature gives green light to the players from the countries where gambling is strictly prohibited. Now, using BTC, they can play anytime.
  2. No taxes. Bitcoin is still not recognized as a currency so that the winner does not pay taxes from their prize. For instance, if a player wins 1 BTC, he or she gets 1 BTC or exchanges it receiving the whole sum in the chosen currency.
  3. Great speed. Traditional casinos that work with the banks let gamblers wait for the transactions long. The best Bitcoin betting sites make these operations in less than a minute.

Bitcoin casinos features important for players

The best Bitcoin betting sites give their players a deposit and no deposit bonuses. To get this “gift”, to withdraw it, the gambler must play and win a certain sum, which will “cover” the amount of this bonus. This is called wagering, which is a simple multiplier that indicates the quantity of times you need to play through the provided bonus to get it finally.

Traditionally, casinos working with cryptos, have the lowest wagering. Besides it, gambling at Bitcoin best online betting sites and getting a prize in BTC, you can buy different stuff online or hold Bitcoin waiting for its growth.

The best casinos where you can use BTC

Today, the best sites Bitcoin users have their favorites among these gambling resources. They can make their choice, as there are many casinos, which work with the cryptocurrencies currently. However, when they only appeared, people were cautious to play for BTC. They could not even imagine the mechanism of this process. Now, when everything is clear, they become the clients of these resources:

  • William Hill. The largest UK casino, which takes both fiat and cryptocurrencies;
  • CloudBet. The casino popular with its promotions and a large deposit bonus of 5 Bitcoin;
  • Sportsbet. The casino for the sports fans also giving a weekly price to active gamblers;
  • Nitrogen Sports. The gambling resource that has a special program for VIP clients.

Other cryptocurrencies used in BTC casinos

Sometimes, the best Bitcoin betting sites also use the other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Dash: you can choose dice there and slots, video poker, and sports games. The choice is pretty wide, and each gambler can be even registered on different recourses, using the benefits of each one. For instance, check the propositions of these casinos:

  • Jazz Casino and Sportsbook. Here you can bet on horse racing and different sports.
  • 1xBit. This casino deals with most popular cryptocurrencies including Dash, Qtum, Stratis, Litecoin, etc.