Bitcoin blackjack

Bitcoin Blackjack strategies and rules

Since cryptocurrencies have started to penetrate in all spheres of modern life, no one surprised when the first Blackjack Bitcoin casino games appeared. The rules and the strategies of Bitcoin Blackjack online do not differ from the rules of the same game for fiat. The difference here is that you deal with crypto, and in case, when you win, you get BTC. When the crypto market is going up, your award is automatically growing. For instance, in 2017, many gamblers managed to make thousands when the greatest Bull Run started.

Today, crypto traders and investors have been constantly looking for ways to earn additional Bitcoin. Thus, they gamble for crypto, choosing the casinos that deal with it. Taking this step, they stay anonymous and enjoy fast transactions when it comes to cashout.

How to play Blackjack Bitcoin — rules

Bitcoin Blackjack is the same card game but here you deal with BTC. The player must use different strategies: simple luck does not help here. The rules are simple: you must get 21 points (this is Blackjack). In case you get more points, you lose. The dealer (to lose) should get fewer points than you. Aces, Jacks, Kings, Queens, and 10s bring ten points, whereas the other cards value is estimated simply: 6 gives 6 points, 8 brings 8 points, etc.

Basing on the theory of probability, mathematics players have long ago calculated the optimal solutions for each combination of Blackjack with Bitcoin, creating a universal basic strategy that is very effective.

Winning strategies in Blackjack Bitcoin

The basic strategy of Blackjack Bitcoin is based on mathematical analysis — many players choose it. This odds-counting system in some cases can reduce the casino’s advantage to a minimum of 0.5%.

Another advantage of the basic strategy is that it is suitable for most varieties of Bitcoin Blackjack. Many gambling sites, where you can pick this game, publish the special table of this strategy: you need to keep it in your mind. You should also remember the cards that are in the game and make fast calculations.

Using the basic strategy, the player compares their chances to win with the chances of a dealer. If the dealer’s first card brings him or her a few points, they can lose as soon as according to the rules, the dealer must not stop taking cards until he or she gets at least 17 points.

Thus, when the gambler gets 11 points and less, they should take more cards. When the dealer has 5-6 points, the player must make double.

Bad Blackjack strategy

Often, players come up with their own strategies for Blackjack Bitcoin when they play for crypto. They often rely only on their own intuition, which is not a right strategy to gain profits.

When you play live Bitcoin Blackjack, mind these things:

  1. Do not refuse to add cards. Many players stop picking up cards when they only have 12-16 points in their hands. It seems to them that by taking a new card, they will receive a “ten”. This strategy leads to an increase in casino advantage to 4%.
  2. Do not copy the style of Bitcoin Blackjack dealer. According to the rules, the dealer takes a card if he has 16 or fewer points, and doesn’t do it if he has 17 or more. Here, the “dealer” equals “casino”, which does not lose money on betting. In this situation, the player loses the possibility of doubling and dividing the cards, which, as a result, increases the casino’s advantage to 5.5%.
  3. Do not constantly agree with insurance. If the dealer received the first Ace, he offers players to insure against Blackjack. However, the probability that he will get a card with 10 points is small — 4/13. This means that in 9 out of 13 cases, players lose their insurance.

Types of Blackjack BTC slots and casinos

If you play Blackjack Bitcoin picking faucet casinos, you can earn Satoshi even if you do not win in the main card game. Visit the following sites to get crypto bonuses:

  • BitCasino;
  • mBit;
  • BetCoin casino.

If you play live Bitcoin Blackjack, you can also pick these gambling resources. You may also find popular slots in casinos that deal with Microgaming software (like William Hill, for instance — they play for crypto and for fiat). Here are these slots:

  • Multi-Hand Blackjack;
  • Classic Blackjack;
  • Vegas Strip Blackjack;
  • Atlantic City Blackjack, etc.

However, before you bet and use your cryptocurrency, better try free Bitcoin Blackjack in the casinos that accept BTC and other cryptos. It will bring you much experience and skills.