Bitcoin dice

Bitcoin Dice rules and tips for players

When crypto casinos appeared, the number of players that love live games increased: the players, who work with the cryptocurrencies decided to join the army of gamblers. Many of them prefer Bitcoin Dice game, which has almost the same rules as this type of casino entertainment when traditional money is used. Bitcoin Dice game is really very addictive.

It is even called the most reckless and dynamic game in the world. In a day, you can lose much in a few minutes. Similarly, you can win. You can do it easier than in roulette or poker. Sometimes, people think that here, the casino has more chances to win, but in reality, Dice is very profitable. With a reasonable strategy, the “commissions” charged by the casino for services are simply insignificant.

Like many other table games, it depends on a chance and your luck. In practice, this means that the player can increase their chances of winning very rarely because it is impossible to create a 100% effective strategy that guarantees a steady win here. However, some basic principles and strategies of Dice, which help to ensure profit over a long period of time, still exist.

How to play Bitcoin Dice

To play Dice Bitcoin, you should register on one of the Dice sites. As you deal with the cryptocurrency, you will stay anonymous. It means that even when you live in a country where gambling is prohibited, BTC usage will help you to play despite all of these bans.

Additionally, all the crypto transactions will be fast and safe. The idea of the game is simple: just get the maximum number on your dice.

Naturally, different types of entertainment have various rules. You can read them before you start playing. Bitcoin Dice strategy should be also taken into account.

Basic Bitcoin Dice Strategy

The total number of points dropped on the faces of two dice determines the outcome of each round of Dice Bitcoin game.

In an online casino, it is impossible to influence the outcome of the game — there the result of throwing virtual dice is generally determined by a random number generator. The only possible and effective strategy for a player is a thoughtful choice of the bets.

Guided by this strategy, you can slightly reduce the advantage of the casino and, accordingly, increase your own chances for a final win. In order to adhere to the basic Dice Bitcoin strategy and win with it, you need to understand how to bet.

It is important to know about the betting system because they are different: some of the bets are initially beneficial for the player, while others give the advantage to a casino.

Profitable bets

First of all, these are the bets on the Pass Line, on the Don’t Pass Line and Come / Don’t Come. The payout for winning on such bets is modest – only 1 to 1, but the chance to win here is high.

The most unprofitable for the player are different types of bets on Single Roll — in their case, the chances of winning are minimal.

Tips for BTC Dice player

When playing, you should always follow these rules:

  1. Consider the duration of Bitcoin Dice game. The amount of total profit/loss in each game always depends on the time you spend playing.
  2. Stick to one style of the game. Choose the betting strategy for yourself and consistently stick to it — either you will play aggressively, with a rise in stakes, or you will do it at minimum stakes. Changing the style of play in the process, you risk losing more.
  3. Play for a raise. It is very effective to raise the stakes after each win. However, the choice is yours.

Types of BTC Dice Slots

As Dice is a very old game, a lot of variants of it have appeared. Now, not only traditional gaming sites but also casinos, which use cryptocurrencies, offer gamblers different slots. William Hill, for instance, works with the software of many famous providers. Therefore, you can always pick:

  1. Multi Dice (Novomatic). 3-reels slot with the maximum bet of 100 coins and a Risk game.
  2. Dice and Roll (EGT). 5-reels slot with jackpot and the largest prize of 40 thousand.
  3. Dice Twister (Playtech). The simplest variant of Dice with the maximum 100 coins bet.

Those, who still do not have cryptocurrency, can earn it playing Bitcoin Dice faucet. Looking through different ads on the faucet casino sites, they can complete simple tasks and win awards in Satoshi. It can be a good start of gambling for BTC.