Bitcoin gambling

Bitcoin Cash gambling advantages

Those players, who are involved both in crypto trading and playing in online casinos and hold BCH hard fork coins, sometimes, take a decision to deal with not “classic” playing for fiat but with Bitcoin Cash gambling. Actually, this cryptocurrency is not as popular as its “father”, BTC, but as it managed to enter the top-5 cryptos with the largest market cap, it means that BCH coin has all the chances to grow and bring people that work with it (gamblers as well) cool profits.

Initially, these tokens were given free for those, who had BTC, but later, a real war to get this new crypto (appeared in 2017) started. The first Bitcoin Cash gambling site appeared soon after the creation of the alt and the wisest players decided to use its offers to get new crypto and make money. Most of them managed to do it. Now they play using several cryptocurrencies: it saves them from the possible loss in case when crypto market will experience a new bloodbath (like it happened in 2018) again.

Advantages of BCH and Bitcoin Cash gambling

When this hard fork appeared, no one of the players, who used to deal with both crypto trading and playing in casinos could ever think that soon they would be involved in Bitcoin Cash gambling. However, they made it for several reasons later:

  • New crypto was given to them absolutely free (initially);
  • BCH transactions turned to be very fast;
  • These transactions were very cheap (if you compare them with BTC operations);
  • The new altcoin was supposed to gain very soon.

Features and benefits of BCH useful for gamblers

Those players, who deal with Bitcoin Cash gambling, can use Cash App. This application lets them buy cryptocurrency very fast and with low commissions.

However, many of them still do not know about its benefits and ask this question: “Can I send Bitcoin from Cash App to gambling site?” It is possible now. The holders on Bitcoin cash and BTC can do it, which is very convenient. They stay anonymous, which means a lot for many players, especially those ones, who live in countries where gambling is prohibited. They also use the benefits of playing for this BTC hard fork, including the following ones:

  • Safety;
  • Extremely low fees for all operations;
  • Possibility to gain more when the crypto market starts the Bull Run.

BCH casinos variety

The number of BCH casinos is increasing. Those gambling resources that used to accept other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin start working with this hard fork. For instance, it is often chosen on the Bovada site by those fellows, who love sports. There, they can bet choosing their favorite players and teams, and when their stakes play, they get awards in cryptocurrency.

Besides sports betting, Bovada has many slots propositions for the players who love gaming machines. Check, which of the casinos on the list you already know: they also have an option to gamble for BCH.

The best BCH gambling sites

Besides Bovada, you can deal with Bitcoin Cash gambling if you are registered on the following gambling resources:

  1. Fortune Jack. This casino also has an option of online gambling cash out with Bitcoin.
  2. 1XBit. This casino works with this fork and other altcoins as well.
  3. BetChain. Here, you can try BCH gambling or play using fiat and different altcoins.
  4. 7Bit. This gaming resource will give you bonuses before you start playing.
  5. Stake. The number of slots is not great, but you can use various cryptos here.
  6. DuckDice. This casino for dice players also has airdrops.

Popular games in BCH casinos

Traditionally, these gambling sites love to offer players different live games. However, recently, they decided to widen the choice and added different slots to their resources. The jackpot can reach 10 thousand BCH. In Craps, the largest prize is smaller, but you have more chances to win. In Roulette, some jackpots reach 32 BCH. mBit is the casino with more than 2K games.

Dealing with Bitcoin Cash gambling, you can also get a deposit bonus. Use cryptocurrency here. Pick the most interesting slots like:

  • Extra Juicy;
  • Crazy Bananas;
  • Stellar Spins;
  • Wild Gladiators;
  • Vandal Cash, etc.