Bitcoin games

Variety of Bitcoin games and their advantages

The Internet has a lot of entertainment content, but entertainment can be not only interesting but also useful. In Bitcoin earning games, for instance, you can also get a cryptocurrency reward.

In order to stimulate user activity, many games pay out small amounts in cryptocurrency for players performing certain actions, obtaining levels and achievements. In reality, these are Bitcoin mining games (at least most of them). However, the new versions of them already started to appear.

Thanks to the popularity, developers get more income from advertising, and players enjoy the game and can earn cryptocurrency. BTC games are also used to increase the popularity of cryptocurrencies and allow you to learn a little more about it.

Naturally, you will not get anything if you pick free Bitcoin games. Probably, you will get a better understanding of the cryptocurrencies and spend time with pleasure. The other game providers fail through the great competition in this field and cannot cover the costs of payments. The profit from the games can be increased if you develop an affiliate program and participate in several projects at once.

Choosing Bitcoin games by their features

When choosing Bitcoin games to earn a bonus, for instance, you should pay attention to several details:

  1. Plot. Strategy and plot of the game should be interesting. Otherwise, such a pastime cannot be called pleasant.
  2. Reviews. Examine the impressions of other players, the number of coins earned, the difficulties they had to face and whether the game pays out the promised money. Some developers set an exorbitantly high threshold for output.
  3. Quality of Bitcoin games. Only well-developed content can attract the attention of a wide audience of users. The high level of competition also will not allow the project to live for a long time.

Payments in BTC games

Determine the viability of Bitcoin faucet games in terms of payments. Check how long it will take to reach the goals set by the developers to receive the reward. Different games carry an individual reward system for users, and if in some it is enough to spend 10-15 minutes to get a reward, others assume hours of play.

Bitcoin faucets in the form of a game require regular visits to the site. Also, consider the deposit size. In the network, you can find some projects, where you need to make a deposit before starting the game. As a rule, it is a fraud. Avoid such projects and play only reliable BTC games using the installed app via apk file.

Advantages of BTC games

Although you will hardly make too much money (in cryptocurrency) here, it can be a good start to earn BTC and understand how this crypto is mined. It will also let you spend the time with pleasure and, probably, even decide to gamble on online gaming resources.

Bitcoin games can raise your interest in this business and you can take a decision to register on some Bitcoin casino.

Variety of BTC games

The number of these games is not great yet, but probably, even those, who do not use cryptocurrencies, have already heard about the most popular ones. Here you can learn about some of them.


This is a BTC faucet with a simple and interesting illusion of the game. The main character is a little bird. The task of the player is to soar around the playing field and collect coins. When the bird meets the kite, the game stops, and the prize increases. It can reach 25,000 Satoshi by 10 lines. Every 10 games you can participate in a super-game, where bonuses will be hidden behind the clouds.


Like Bitcoin Farm, CoinBrawl is one of the most often chosen Bitcoin games. It is a warrior world where a player needs to develop their character in order to fight other players and take Bitcoin from them. You can fight with any player online and take their BTC. At the end of the day, you will see a tournament table with the best players. They can get prizes. The amount of payment depends on the number of games played and wins.

Bitcoin Farm

Here, you should go to the mining farm and earn Bitcoin.
Before you start the game, you are given 2 farms as a bonus.

Bitcoin Casino games

You can play these Bitcoin games using both PC and tablet or smartphone. Most of them are the same slots, which traditional casinos have. The difference is that here, you play for cryptocurrency, thus you need to have BTC wallet. The most popular slots on Bitcoin Casino site are:

  • Taboo;
  • Aztec Magic;
  • Slotomoji;
  • Show Me the Mummy;
  • Four Seasons;
  • The Vikings, etc.