Bitcoin poker

How to play Bitcoin Poker for free and for money

Bitcoin Poker is a popular type of gambling for cryptocurrency. Here, the player deals with BTC and not with traditional money. All the operations (deposit and withdrawal) are fast and anonymous. This is a great bonus for those people, who are eager to play, but gambling is banned in their countries. With crypto, they can do it — no one will track or monitor their activities with Bitcoin.

Poker for crypto is a great opportunity to earn BTC for those who know this game. Unlike other games, the results of Poker are not so dependent on the occasion, and the skill of the player is very important here. The game is available at special Bitcoin Poker sites called rooms and online casinos. Today there are many varieties and formats of the game, but they all share one thing — the presence of combinations that need to be made to defeat an opponent.

Rules of Bitcoin Poker

Poker Bitcoin rules depend on the type of this game. However, there are general principles that must be followed for good results. For example, the distribution is won by the player who collected the strongest combination. In almost every variant of online Poker Bitcoin, the main goal is to pick up the bank, which is compiled from the general rates of all the participants. The prize goes to the player with the highest hand, that is, with a stronger combination.

Many types of poker involve playing with open cards, which are dealt on the table. Each participant in the distribution can use these cards, as well as those on the hands, to make combinations. The most popular variants of this game type are Texas Hold’em and Omaha. In Stud, those cards that belong to the player, that is, are in their hands, are also open.

How to play Bitcoin Poker for free

It can be played for free in almost every casino. To do this, providers offer the players Demo games. The game is available for free in specialized rooms. Each of these tournaments is called Bitcoin Poker freeroll. They are free to enter, and any user who has registered on the site can participate.

Another option to try it for free is to get Poker Bitcoin bonus that is offered as a promo. You will receive a small amount (in Satoshi) and will be able to play without a fee, but at the same time, you will qualify for a real win. To get this option — look for casinos or poker rooms with no deposit bonuses.

Strategies to win BTC Poker

The basic strategy of it (classic, Texas Hold’em variant) often helps the player to make real money. Short Stack Strategy here allows you to win with the minimum possible number of chips. The average stack size, in this case, is around 20 blinds.

The strategy of short stacks is considered the best strategy for beginners and inexperienced players, as it allows you to be in plus, risking minimal amounts. Short stack strategy requires aggressiveness from the player.

Big Stack Strategy or BSS is the name of a number of strategies, the game in which is based on the stack size, averaging 100 big blinds. Here, you deal with the largest possible stack and can get the greatest benefit.

However, Bitcoin Poker Reddit reviews show that the number of these strategies is really endless, so that, you simply need training.

Types of BTC Poker

You can choose any type of this game, visiting the popular casinos like William Hill, or rooms like TonyBet, BetOnline, PokerKing, RedStar.

  1. Texas Hold’em. This is the classic version of Bitcoin Poker. It gained popularity due to the simplicity of the rules. In this variety, the player gets two cards on their hands, and makes combinations of them and those cards that are put on the common table. The goal is to make a better combination that your opponent has or to bluff.
  2. Caribbean Poker. It is a game against a dealer representing a casino. Each opponent has 5 cards in their hands.
  3. Video poker. It is a slot machine, where you play against a virtual dealer. The most popular slots of this type are:
  • Jackpot Poker (Play’nGo);
  • Double Double Bonus (Microgaming);
  • Oasis Poker (NetEnt);
  • Triple Pocket Holdem (Microgaming);
  • Joker Poker (Playtech), etc.

Try any of these games for free first, and only after, risk your money and place the first bet in cryptocurrency.