Bitcoin Roulette

Bitcoin Roulette rules and secrets

When the first cryptocurrency appeared in 2009, no one could even guess that its value could grow tremendously, Bitcoin could reach its 20 thousand maximum and make hundreds of crypto holders true millionaires. However, soon after the first wave of the crypto market growth, it has become evident that BTC can have a very long life and can bring really much money to those, who deal with it wisely.

Casinos that are known as the places where the biggest sums are “rotating”, decided to take cryptos for all money operations. Since that time, deposits and withdrawals became possible in BTC. For instance, when you play Bitcoin Roulette and win, you can get your Satoshi almost instantly.

The speed of withdrawal has become as fast as never. For instance, when you play online live Roulette Bitcoin games and become a winner, you can get your money in several minutes. No other traditional casino working with fiat can ever offer this opportunity. Additionally, gamblers, who play Roulette for BTC and also trade BTC, can earn during the time called Bull Run (the period when cryptocurrencies are gaining).

Bitcoin Roulette — how to play it

Roulette Bitcoin rules do not differ from the rules of the same game when you bet using traditional money — the only one difference here is that you earn crypto and not dollars (Euros, Pounds, etc.). 88 Bitcoin Roulette wheel (if you choose it) also consists of 37 cells with numbers that are painted in black and red. There is also a special field called Zero. The presence of this sector gives the advantage to the casino. The playing field for bets consists of:

  • Three columns of Roulette Bitcoin;
  • Twelve rows;
  • Special fields for numbers.

The additional fields give the players the possibility to place bets on:

  • Red or black;
  • Odds and evens;
  • Large and small numbers;
  • Columns and dozens.

Bitcoin Roulette rules

Roulette Bitcoin rules depend on its types. However, all of them have common features. The task of the player is to place a bet, for example, on a sector, on a specific number, on a collection of numbers. Bets can be placed before the dealer’s throw or after the throw, but until the dealer announces that the bets are over (in slots, the online casino is a dealer).

If the player guessed everything correctly, he or she gets a win. Thus, the simple sense of the game is to pick the right place or a sector where the ball will fall.

Secrets to win in BTC Roulette

Bitcoin Roulette Reddit reviews show that this is one of the most frequently chosen games in online casinos. Some Bitcoin Roulette faucet gambling sites give the players the possibility to earn some Satoshi even if they lose. However, if you use the tips described below, you will increase your chances to win.

  1. Analyze the movement of the ball and wheel of Roulette Bitcoin: in ideal, you need to do it throughout the game.
  2. Bet on the same number. Sometimes it is very risky, but the gain will cover the costs.
  3. Bet on a series of sectors, it will increase the probability of winning.
  4. Use one of the proven game strategies.

Strategies of BTC Roulette

Martingale is one of the most famous strategies among users. Its main principle is to double the bet after each loss. If the player wins, the amount of the subsequent bet decreases. There are various options for the martingale strategy.

  • D’Alembert. Here you also need to raise the bet after the loss. At the same time, the game should start with average bets, in order to provide the opportunity to both reduce and increase the value;
  • Parlay. Here you must bet the previous winnings along with the original bet. Using such a scheme, you should know when to stop;
  • Thomas Donald. Here, after winning a stake is increased by one, and after a loss, it decreases.

However, even in you do not use any strategy in Roulette Bitcoin and do not yet have crypto, you can play it on Coin Royal site since you can get there 1000 free credits.

Types of BTC Roulette Slots

When choosing a game, you should consider its type. There are:

  • The European version of the game with 36 numbers and zero on the wheel;
  • American Roulette – 36 numbers are provided here, as well as zero and double zero;
  • French roulette which is distinguished by an expanded set of bets and special rules in case of a zero drop. The wheel has 36 numbers and zero.

Roulette Bitcoin slots offer these types of the game with variants. These are:

  • French Roulette (Playtech);
  • 3 Wheel Roulette (IGT);
  • Premium American Roulette (Playtech);
  • Royal Crown European Roulette (Novomatic);
  • Multi Wheel Roulette (Microgaming), etc.

Even if you do not have BTC, you can try playing this stunning game. Choosing Bitcoin Roulette faucet casino, you can earn some Satoshi for looking through ads and completing certain tasks. It will bring you some experience in the game and give crypto for free.