Ethereum casinos

Advantages of Ethereum gambling in online casinos

The cryptocurrency boom has covered many markets, including the gambling market. Now you can find many casinos, which accept BTC and Ethereum as payment. Although Ethereum gambling is not yet as popular as playing Bitcoin, many experienced players choose it as they trust Smart contracts offered by ETH platform.

Ethereum is almost 6 years younger than the ‘King” of the cryptocurrency, although in China, for instance, it is called the best cryptocurrency. Invented in 2015 by Vitalik Buterin, the real person in contrast to mystical Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin father, Ethereum platform has been constantly changing and improving, giving the gamblers different chances to use this altcoin in their play. The increased number of Ethereum gambling sites is a proof of it.

Advantages of ETH gambling

In traditional online gambling, all actions take place on the platform side, and users get only the result. It is impossible to check how many bets were placed and how many winnings were received. In ETH gambling, casinos working on smart contracts can guarantee the honesty of the game providers.

After the creation of Ethereum, its differences from Bitcoin were completely obvious, since the new cryptocurrency had a well-known founder and a development team. Online platforms also made it much easier to use ETH, and this helped to create a number of gaming blockchain applications based on this cryptocurrency.

The main features of ETH casinos

Each Ethereum casino has features that are beneficial for any gambler. Here they are:

  1. The payout percentage of any game can be checked through the blockchain;
  2. The casino balance can be checked in the blockchain;
  3. Winnings in lotteries and jackpots are distributed through smart contracts;
  4. All transactions of deposits and payments are available on the blockchain; they cannot be overwritten or deleted;
  5. Game providers can prove that the stated payout percentage is actually observed and to help players adhere to the rules of a responsible game.

Convenience and flexibility

There are many arguments in favor of ETH gambling in casinos. These are security, anonymity and a number of other reasons. ETH makes it easier for players around the world to participate in games. Players use the single currency of this blockchain, and they do not need to consider the exchange rates of other cryptocurrencies.

In addition, when winnings are displayed in the same currency, they should not recalculate winnings into the national currency. Thus, regardless of the location of the player or gambling site, you can enjoy the game without any problems.

Quick withdrawal and security

Many people know that bank transactions can take several days. Ethereum gambling instant payout here is a great plus. Withdrawal will take only a few minutes, and your funds will be in your wallet.

Reading any Ethereum gambling review, you will see that now players consider ETH as an excellent choice since the decentralized structure of the blockchain guarantees the absence of any hacks, fraud or outside interference with the management of your funds. No one can stop or cancel your transaction, hack your wallet if you don’t share this confidential information yourself.

Stability of ETH

Each player wants to choose the optimal gaming environment, but for this you need to know all the pros and cons of a particular system.

Ethereum gambling offers the most reliable and stable solution for playing online using this crypto since it has a well-known founder, a strong developer community and great prospects. For a long time, ETH has been on the 2nd place according to its market cap.

Best ETH online casinos

The number of online resources that use ETH and also offer Ethereum gambling app is still not great, but, with the cryptocurrency popularity growth, this amount will be increased. Here they are:

  1. BitStarz. This is a casino offering Ethereum gambling and giving 200 free welcome spins.
  2. mBit. Here, you can get up to 900 ETH as bonuses.
  3. Fortune Jack. This is an absolutely anonymous site. You have a right to refuse from your bonus.

Best ETH games

The range of ETH gambling is wide, and Poker here is played most often. However, ETH casinos have other types of games, including slots and video poker. These are:

  1. Sports games;
  2. Slots (GoldFish, Pirates, Bling Bling, Lucky 8, etc.);
  3. Dice;
  4. Video Poker;
  5. Lotteries.

Each casino, which uses crypto, tries to diversify the types of the games offered to interest new players and let the experienced gamblers stay on their site.